> Wooden exterior facade
> Transparent glass railing
> Stainless interior railings in the villas
> Aluminum window frames with exterior roller-blinds system
> outdoor and garage parking spaces
> wear layer on terraces and balconies (larixwood - red spruce)
> wear layer on staircase:
> outdoor staircase: granno tiling, steel grids + boards
> indoor staircase: large wooden parquets
> wear layer in garage, boiler-room and storages: gress tiling
> entrance garage rolling door with remote control
> cold water consumption measuring system for each apartment
> garden watering wiring
> gas installation
> gas consumption measuring system for each apartment
> electric socket/connection for lighting on terraces and balconies
> exterior swimming pool - 8,0 x 3,0 x 1,5 m
> under water lighting
> landscape design in the garden